Annual Federal Grants Management Update 2019

  • Start: December 3, 2019 8:00 am
  • End: December 4, 2019 4:30 pm

Stay up-to-date with recent developments in Federal grants management and the Uniform Grants Guidance when you attend the 2019 edition of the Annual Federal Grants Management Update and Super Circular Training in Charleston, South Carolina, on December 3-4, 2019.

Staying in compliance with grant requirements means staying current with changes and recent developments in grants management, including revisions to the Office of Management and Budget’s Uniform Grants Guidance (also known as the OMB Super Circular or simply the Uniform Guidance).  The Super Circular recently turned five, and the OMB is expected to announce the first comprehensive revisions to the Uniform Guidance this Fall–as required by the Super Circular’s own terms.  The Annual Federal Grants Management Update and Super Circular Training will explain these changes along with recent (and pending) legislative, policy, and legal developments affecting grants management.  The training will also feature a Super Circular refresher, looking at those parts of the Uniform Guidance that will not change, and a special deep dive exploring the cost principles and indirect costs.  In addition, you will also learn how to build a more effective and efficient relationship between your governing body and staff during our two-part governance deep dive session.  When you attend the 2019 edition of the Annual Federal Grants Management Update and Super Circular Training, you will learn about the key developments and requirements for managing your grants today as well as what you need to do to remain in compliance in 2020.  Make your plans now to join your fellow grants professionals for the Federal Grants Management Update in Charleston, South Carolina, on December 3-4, 2019.




During this exclusive two-day training, you will learn about the latest developments in grants management and how these changes, including proposed revisions to the OMB’s Uniform Guidance (a.k.a. the Supper Circular), will affect grant-funded organization.  As part of our updated curriculum for 2019, you will explore the following topics:

  • Changes to the OMB Super Circular (Uniform Grants Guidance);
  • Legislative, policy, and legal developments (including court as well as court decisions and administrative actions) affecting Federal grants management;
  • Key administrative requirements under the Uniform Guidance;
  • Procurement standards under the Super Circular, recent changes affecting procurement standards, and common problems in implementing procurement requirements;
  • Effective governance and building productive governing body-staff relationships;
  • Applying the Super Circular’s unified cost principles and avoiding questioned costs;
  • Common issues involving direct and indirect costs (including negotiated indirect cost rates);
  • Single Audit Act (Subpart F) audits, reporting, and resolution under the Uniform Guidance;
  • Revisions to the Audit Compliance Supplement and how to prepare for your next audit; and,
  • How grant-funded organizations should prepare for expected changes in 2020.

The Federal Grants Management Update and OMB Super Circular Training conference will discuss these topics and more to provide you with the information about the Super Circular’s major rules and recent developments in Federal grants management that you need to stay in compliance with grant requirements now and in 2020.  You will also have ample opportunities to ask and get answers to your Uniform Guidance and grants management questions.


This year’s Annual Federal Grants Management Update and Super Circular Training is scheduled for December 3-4, 2019, in Charleston, South Carolina.  The planned agenda for each day is as follows:

Day One (Tuesday, December 3, 2019)

for the day and enjoy a complimentary breakfast buffet.

Explore current developments affecting Federal grants, including recent and proposed changes to grants management rules as well as legislative, administrative, legal, and policy developments of interest to grant-funded organizations.

Enjoy a coffee break between sessions.

Our discussion of recent and pending developments affecting Federal grants and grant-funded organizations continues.

Take the opportunity to have lunch at one of Charleston's many renowned restaurants.

This two-part session will explain the key administrative requirements of the Office of Management and Budget's Uniform Grants Guidance (better known as the Super Circular).

Enjoy a special, themed afternoon break.

The second half of this double session will conclude the discussion of the Super Circular's administrative requirements and will also discuss the audit standards.

The first day's sessions will conclude at 4:30 pm on December 3, 2019.

Day Two (Wednesday, December 4, 2019)

Check-in for the second day of the conference and help yourself to the complimentary breakfast buffet.

The key to a healthy grant-funded organization is a harmonious governing body-staff relationship, but that is often easier said than achieved.  During this workshop, you will learn an easy process of clarifying the roles of the governing body and staff to help ensure a more productive relationship.

If you have ever watched a football game on television, you will be familiar with the yellow line that is visible to viewers but invisible to the players on the field.  Using the “invisible yellow line” metaphor, Jean Block will guide you through clarifying roles in governance, management, finance, planning, human resources, resource development, and recruitment.  Even if you are not a football fan, you will see how using this approach can stimulate open and honest communication about roles that will lead to a big win for both governing body and staff teams, and your essential mission and purpose will be well-served.

Enjoy a coffee break between sessions.

Jean Block will continue to explain the keys to creating a harmonious governing body-staff relationship, during the second part of this two-part workshop.

Explore Charleston's lunch scene on your own and have a meal at one of the city's many famous restaurants.

This year's deep dive topic takes a closer look at the cost principles under the Uniform Guidance with a two-part session.  This first part of the session focuses on general cost principles and specific items of cost.

Enjoy a themed afternoon break between sessions.

This year's deep dive topic takes a closer look at the Uniform Guidance's cost principles with a two-part session.  This second half of the session focuses on indict costs.

The conference will conclude at 4:30 pm on December 4, 2019.


When you attend the Annual Federal Grants Management Update and Super Circular Training, you will learn about recent (and pending) changes affecting Federal grants management, key requirements under the Uniform Grants Guidance (better known as the OMB Super Circular), and other important developments affecting grant-funded organizations in both 2019 and 2020.  After attending the conference, you will be able to: 

  • List at least three recent developments affecting Federal grants management;
  • Identify at least three issues for grant-funded organizations headed into 2020 and the steps to be taken to address them;
  • Describe the major administrative requirements under the Super Circular;
  • Identify the major requirements of the unified cost principles and explain the differences between direct and indirect costs;
  • Describe best practices and requirements for procurement by grant-funded organizations under the Super Circular;
  • Explain the basis for the time and effort reporting requirements under the OMB Super Circular;
  • Describe at least two recent legal decisions and pending cases of significance to grant-funded organizations;
  • Outline the Single Audit Act audit process as implemented by the standards in Subpart F of the Super Circular; and,
  • Describe at least three steps that organizations can take to foster more productive governing body-staff relationships.


The Annual Federal Grants Management Update and Super Circular Training is intended for all members of the grant-funded community, including governing body members, executives, management, fiscal staff, program staff, and other grants management professionals.  The experience level for this training is overview/update.  There are no prerequisites for attendance.


R. Brian Tipton is a practicing attorney with more than two decades' worth of experience working with nonprofits, governmental units, and other grant-funded organizations across the United States.  Currently, Brian is Managing Director with The Private Client Law Group, P.C., in Atlanta, where he heads the firm's tax-exempt and grant-funded solutions practice.  He is a summa cum laude graduate of the Louisiana State University and the Cumberland School of Law of Samford University.  Brian regularly represents grant-funded entities of all types in the areas of regulatory compliance, audits, funding source disputes, administrative appeals, and litigation.  Brian also consults with organizations on governance, human resources, programmatic, and corporate matters, and develops and presents training programs for nonprofits and grant-funded organizations.

Jean Block is a nationally recognized consultant and trainer on nonprofit management, board development, FUNdraising and social enterprise.  She is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and has held leadership roles as both board and staff in local, regional, and national nonprofits.  Jean has written several books on nonprofits, including “The Nonprofit Guide to Social Enterprise: Show Me The (Unrestricted) Money!”; “180+ Great Ideas to Raise More Money”; and others.  Visit her websites at and to learn more and sign up for her free e-newsletters.


The conference will take place at the Francis Marion Hotel, a Charleston landmark that has been updated with all modern conveniences without losing its legendary charm. The Francis Marion Hotel is conveniently located in downtown Charleston within easy walking distance of cultural and historical attractions as well as world-class shopping and dining. Rooms are available for a special conference rate of just $129 per night (plus tax), which is below the government per diem.  The special rate is available for December 2 through 5, 2019, and may be offered for additional nights subject to hotel availability. Hotel reservations can be made by calling 1-877-756-2121 or 843-722-0600. Please ask for the special group rate for the “Private Client Law Group” to receive the discounted rate. The room reservation cut-off date is November 2, 2019 (or until the block is exhausted). Because of the small number of rooms available, we advise making your reservations as soon as possible.


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$499 / Early Bird
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$549 / Regular
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